Predefined Assets > Introduction


Business 360 Console includes predefined assets to help you get started with MDM SaaS applications. The predefined assets include predefined business entities, user interface components, pages, and reports.
You can find the predefined assets of MDM SaaS applications in their respective projects on the Explore page in Business 360 Console.
The following table describes the asset types that MDM SaaS uses:
Asset Type
Business Application
A business application that uses the predefined data model.
Business Entity
An entity of importance that consists of fields that might support your data needs. The predefined business entities help you get started, and you can later customize them.
User interface components, such as pages and search layouts of business applications.
Job Definition
An executable instance of a predefined process.
Pages that the business applications display for users to view or edit data.
Cloud Application Integration processes that orchestrate jobs.
A relationship between two predefined business entities that have some type of association.
Report Set
A container for a set of reports.
A visual representation of data in the form of charts and table.
Rule Specification
Rules that the business applications use to validate data.
Source System
Source system that business applications use as the default data source.