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Home page

After you log in to Customer 360 SaaS, you see the Home page. The Home page is your dashboard that displays a collection of charts. You can add charts to the dashboard as widgets. You can add or remove widgets to customize the dashboard.


You can view a visual summary of your data as charts on your dashboard. You can add the predefined and custom charts as widgets to the dashboard.
For more information about the dashboard, see Manage Dashboard.


A widget is a placeholder user interface element for reports. You can add, edit, or remove a widget to customize the dashboard layout. For more information about the widgets, see Manage Dashboard.


Charts summarize and display data visually. Charts make it easier to analyze data and make crucial business decisions. For instance, an insurance agent can decide to sell family health insurance policies to selected audience based on the chart that displays marital status of customers.
Customer 360 SaaS includes some predefined charts. You can create custom charts. Charts use reports to display data. For more information about adding charts to the dashboard, see Manage Dashboard.


A report is a tabular representation of data. You can visualize the reports as charts. You can use predefined reports or create a custom report to display information about your records. For more information about reports, see Manage Reports.