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Keyboard shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate and work with the Customer 360 SaaS user interface.
Press the Tab key to navigate across the application and Shift+Tab keys to navigate backwards. A solid line appears around the selected element. The navigation order of objects is from top to bottom and left to right.
You can't use keyboard shortcuts when you use dynamic fields and the workflow inbox.
The following table lists the actions that you can perform with keyboard shortcuts:
Shortcut key
Navigate across elements
Navigate backwards across elements
Perform the selected operation
Open the calendar
Alt+Down arrow
Select a value or clear the selection
Select multiple nodes
Expand a node
Shift+Right arrow
Collapse a node
Shift+Left arrow
Decrease the width of a table header
Alt+Left arrow
Increase the width of a table header
Alt+Right arrow
Scroll left
Ctrl+Left arrow
Scroll right
Ctrl+Right arrow
Navigate to the upper cell in a table
Up arrow
Navigate to the lower cell in a table
Down arrow
Navigate to the left cell in a table
Left arrow
Navigate to the right cell in a table
Right arrow
Delete a node
Delete or Shift+D
Add a new node
Cut one or more nodes
For Windows: Ctrl+X
For Mac: Cmd+X
Paste the cut nodes
For Windows: Ctrl+V
For Mac: Cmd+V
Close a dialog box
In the comparison view, navigate to the next row that underwent changes
In the comparison view, navigate to the previous row that underwent changes
Navigate to the first cell in a table
For Windows: Home
For Mac: Fn+Left arrow
Navigate to the last cell in a table
For Windows: End
For Mac: Fn+Right arrow