What's New > April 2024 > New features and enhancements

New features and enhancements

The April 2024 release includes the following new features and enhancements:
Watch the What's New video to learn about the new features and enhancements in the April 2024 release.

New UI experience

The Multidomain MDM SaaS user interface has a new look and feel that allows you to visualize and interact with data in greater clarity. You can use the new experience and also switch back to the classic experience without losing functionality. Informatica intends to drop support for the classic experience in the October 2024 release.
For information about enabling the new experience, see Enabling the new visual experience.

List view

If you enabled the new visual experience, you can select List view or Grid view on the Workflow Inbox page.
In the List view, you can view the list of workflow tasks along with the task summary and task details. The List view is available only in the new visual experience.
In the Grid view, you can view the list of workflow tasks in table form. The task summary and task details appear in another page when you click the name of the task.
For more information about the List view and Grid view, see Viewing tasks.

Report data

You can now view the report data of custom reports instantly without publishing. You can apply the configured dimensions and measures of custom reports and view the report data instantly in the report tables.
You can also export the report data of custom reports to a CSV file. You can then use the CSV file for in-depth analysis by using an analytical application.
For more information about reports, see Manage reports.

Drill-down reports

You can now create custom reports that enable you to drill down into your report data. Drill-down reports are interactive and provide additional levels of detail by using multiple dimensions. You can also drill down into custom charts associated with your drill-down reports.
For more information about drill-down reports, see Reports based on master records.

Workflow Inbox

You can now filter tasks based on the predefined filters and sort them based on task ID, subject, task, priority, status, owner, created date, modified date, and due date.
You can also search for tasks in the new UI experience based on task details.
For more information about Workflow Inbox filters, see Filtering and sorting tasks.