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New features and enhancements

The November 2023 release includes the following new features and enhancements:
Watch the following What's New video to learn about the new features and enhancements in the November 2023 release:
MDM SaaS Business 360 Applications What's New video for November 2023 release.https://bit.ly/3uv1VV4

Related records filter

You can filter related records based on business entity record fields and other fields.
For more information about filtering the related records table, see Manage hierarchical and Non-hierarchical Relationships.

File import

When you import data from a CSV file, you can now choose the type of import that you want to perform. You can choose to create new records and overwrite existing records, or update field values and delete field group entries in record sections.
For more information about the import types, see Import data.

Predefined dashboards

You can add predefined dashboards to the Home page for monitoring MDM SaaS. The dashboards display the usage statistics and key metrics of jobs, such as ingress, egress, match, and merge. You can use the statistics to assess the health and performance of your organization.
For more information about adding predefined dashboards, see Manage dashboards.