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Product 360 SaaS uses a predefined Classification hierarchical model that contains relationship between Category and Item business entities and a recursive relationship between Category business entities.
For example, under Electronics, you can include child categories, such as Cameras, Computer Peripherals, Laptops, Mobiles, and TVs. The Cameras category can include additional child categories, such as Camera Lenses and DSLR Cameras. The DSLR Cameras category can include all the available DSLR that are item records.
Note: To use the Classification hierarchy model as a hierarchy filter in the predefined search layout component of the Item business entity, enable search for the Classification hierarchy model.
Note: Effective in the October 2023 release, the ability to configure searchable hierarchy models is available for preview.
Preview functionality is supported for evaluation purposes but is unwarranted and is not supported in production environments or any environment that you plan to push to production. Informatica intends to include the preview functionality in an upcoming release for production use, but might choose not to in accordance with changing market or technical circumstances. For more information, contact Informatica Global Customer Support.

Hierarchical relationships

Product 360 SaaS contains predefined hierarchical relationships that you can use to define relationships between business entity records.
The following table describes the predefined relationships for Product 360 SaaS:
Relationship name
Category to Category
A self-referential Category business entity relationship to establish a hierarchical parent-child relationship between two category records.
Category to Item
Relationship between Category and Item business entities where an item record is associated with a category record. For example, Nikon D7500 item record is associated with the DSLR category record.