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Advanced rule associations

An advanced rule association is an association between business entity fields and a Cloud Data Quality rule specification.
You can use the predefined rule specifications, or create custom rule specifications in Cloud Data Quality and use them. When you create advanced rule associations, you must map the input and output fields of the rule specification with the business entity fields.
The supported predefined rule specification is DUNS SSN Validation that validates the DUNS and Social Security numbers.
You can create advanced rule associations to validate input fields that are empty. Based on the rule specification, the advanced rule association validates the input fields in the business application. If the input fields are empty, the rule returns a value for the empty fields.
For more information about creating or editing rule specifications in Cloud Data Quality, see Rule specification assets in Cloud Data Quality.
Note: When you add advanced rule associations to a field, ensure that you add the field to the custom pages that you use in your business application.

Rules and guidelines for advanced rule associations

Consider the following rules and guidelines to create advanced rule associations:

Redeploying advanced rule associations

After you modify rule specifications in Cloud Data Quality, you must redeploy the existing advanced rule associations that use the updated rule specifications. If you don't redeploy the advanced rule associations in Business 360 Console, they might not work as expected in real time.
    1 On the business entity page, select a field that's configured with an advanced rule association.
    2In the Properties section, click Data Quality > Advanced.
    3Click the advanced rule association.
    4To redeploy the rule association, perform one of the following tasks:
    5Save the business entity.