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Configuring data quality

You can associate data quality rules with the business entity fields to cleanse, standardize, or validate the field values. For example, you can remove unwanted punctuation marks or spaces, standardize the date format, or verify phone numbers. Data quality rules help improve the quality and consistency of data. You can also enrich records with data from external data providers.
Note: Ensure that production and non-production keys are specified according to usage. The system enforces limited transactions and consumes based on usage.
You can associate data quality rules based on simple conditions, Cloud Data Quality, and DaaS with business entity fields. You can also add integrity checks to business entity fields only. When you add or import records, the rule associations validate and transform the records, and store them in the data store.
When validation fails, you can downgrade the trust score of the field, and that helps determine the confidence level of the source data.
Note: When you configure data quality rules for picklists, MDM SaaS runs the data quality rules on the code values of the selected reference data. The rule validation considers only the code and not the name of the code value.
For example, if you configure a basic rule association with a lowercase function for the Country picklist, MDM SaaS runs the rule association on the code IN. It doesn't run the rule association on the name India.