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DaaS rule association for batch processing

To validate and enrich the address values in the records that you import in bulk, use the predefined address verifier asset from Cloud Data Quality. The predefined address verifier asset contains a predefined mapping of the input and output fields.
Note: You can't add a DaaS rule association to validate and enrich an email, phone, and custom field groups in batches.

Adding DaaS rule association to address field groups

You can verify and enrich the postal addresses in the records with the Cloud Data Quality address verifier. To validate the address data that you import in bulk, add DaaS rule associations to the field groups that store postal addresses.
    1On the business entity page, select a field group that stores postal addresses.
    2In the Properties section, click Data Quality > DaaS Batch.
    3To enable DaaS validation, select Enable DaaS Validation.
    Note: When you enable DaaS validation, you can't add basic and advanced rule associations to the fields in the field group.
    4Click Configure Address Verification.
    5In the Verifier field, view the preselected Address Verifier asset.
    Note: By default, the predefined address verifier asset named Address_Verifier_OOTB is selected. Ensure that you don't modify the predefined verifier asset.
    For more information about the address verifier asset, see the Informatica Cloud Data Quality Online Help.
    6On the Input and Output Fields tab, view the input and output fields that are mapped to the business entity fields.
    For more information about the input and output field mappings, see Predefined mapping of input and output fields.
    7On the Validation tab, perform the following tasks:
    1. aIn the Error Status section, select the severity of the validation failure.
    2. bEnter a custom error message.
    3. cIn the Trust Scoresection, select the fields to use to downgrade the trust score.
    4. dEnter the percentage of trust score to downgrade when the validation fails.
    8Click Save.